Apple posts iOS 16.3 release notes for Shortcuts

On Tuesday, Apple posted another update to the “What’s new in Shortcuts” release notes page to add the latest round of fixes made available in the iOS 16.3 cycle.

This latest update includes one main feature, plus a handful of fixes:

This update includes a new checkbox in the Shortcuts editor’s Privacy tab that allows users to disable a shortcut from being run while the device is locked, enhancements to existing actions, and reliability improvements to editing and running shortcuts.

Updated Actions

For those building custom shortcuts, some actions have been updated:

  • Find Reminders can now filter reminders due in the next or previous week
  • Log Workout now supports Ask Each Time for workout duration
  • Log Health Sample now supports Ask Each Time for values on watchOS
  • Find Health Samples now supports searching for health types in the editor
  • Get Contents of URL can now use variables for the file parameter for POST or PUT requests
  • Configure Focus Filter actions now correctly set the Focus Filter on iPhone when run from watchOS
  • Show Notes Folder action now correctly appears in the editor

I’m still seeing reliability issues with the editor in iOS 16.3, however, so I hope those improvements continue into the next release.

The ability to disable shortcuts while the device is locked is also notable after today’s iOS 16.4 beta, which adds a brand new Lock Screen action to Shortcuts.

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