Take a photo in the style of the app Frontback, stitching together images front and back cameras on top of one another.

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I built this shortcut because I loved the “Frontback” format despite the service going away over time – I found having a single image with photos of both what I’m doing and who I’m with to be a powerful contextual reminder.

Just for clarity, the “back” is actually the camera on the rear of the phone, facing out in front of you. The “front” is the selfie camera, which is facing toward you on the front of the device (I found this language confusing when I first came across the action).

That’s why this shortcut takes a photo with the back camera then the front, since you want the forward-facing back camera on top and the selfie from the front camera on the bottom of the image.

This also uses the width of the selfie camera for both photos so they combine evenly. If you want to combine horizontally, change the Get Details of Images to Height and move the variable in Resize Image to Height also.

This will account for taking photos with the iPad in landscape as well, rather than requiring you to hold the device vertically each time.
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tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Frontback” end tell

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