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Track sleep out of your normal schedule in the Health app.

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This shortcut lets you log Sleep data into the Health app for things like naps or if you don’t use the sleep schedule features of iOS.

This asks you how long you took slept and calculates backwards from the current time, then logs it into Health.

I built this because I use AutoSleep which calculates time asleep and a “sleep bank” debt – I wake up around 6 am almost every day, so I tend to take naps in the afternoon, and those aren’t counted towards that debt unless I log them manually.

I also run “Sleepy time” to trigger Endel’s Sleep soundscape when I start trying to nap, which helps me knock out faster and cover any noise that might make it past my noise-cancelling headphones.
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tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Log a nap” end tell

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