Show task list

Prompts you to pick a Reminders list, then shows the tasks using Fantastical.

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Built using a prefilled list of your preferred Reminders lists, this shortcut uses Choose From List to pick from that list and passes it into Show Reminders List from Fantastical.

This uses Show When Run to display the list in a Siri-like popover view using Fantastical’s native interface.

The “Date” parameter is not used here, but you can use that to specify specific time periods.

Toggling off Show When Run also allows you to pull data from those Reminders lists into a shortcut, and you can use the actions’ output to extract more details from each.

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AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Show task list” end tell

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Presents the option to choose from “Work” or “Personal” groups, then from the set of lists, then opens the chosen list in Reminders. Works great in the Shortcuts widget.

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