What’s New in Shortcuts? Issue 26

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Welcome to Issue 26 “What’s New in Shortcuts?”

Hello all!

If you’re in the US, you might feel a little wobbly thanks to Daylight Saving Time – or if you’re somewhere it’s not used, all your US-based media just moved around an hour.

Thankfully I’ve got a new Daily Health shortcut that includes easier access to your Sleep data, as well as a way to set your alarms by the sunrise – I find I can’t help but wake up then anyways, so might as well get to sleep on time too!

Beyond that, there are some YouTube videos on Shortcuts for you to watch, as well as a challenge for you at the end:


I’m back on YouTube, members can get their Automation goodness, and better Daily Health is on the way:

  • How to get started with Siri Shortcuts | YouTube
    I released a channel trailer as a bit of a refresh for my YouTube account all about beginner resources, how to allow untrusted shortcuts, and trusted creators to follow – this was something I felt was overdue since the launch of iOS 13, so now that’s finally out of the way and I’m starting in on more current videos explaining how Shortcuts works. Watch the video, then add the Siri Shortcuts playlist I’m curating over time to keep up in the future.
  • Members’ stream updated with chapters | Members’ extras
    My members’ stream from Sunday covering my Music Pal shortcut and Music Mixes automations now has chapter markers so members can quickly skip between sections – I really did enjoy the second half once we got into Music Mixes, for example. Check out the video embedded on the Extras page.
  • New Daily Health shortcut for members | Membership shortcuts
    I’ve added Daily Health to the members’ shortcuts – this combines my previous Health folder into a single action, as well as Log Water and Log Caffeine as subroutines (I’ve kept these separate to be usable on Apple Watch. I’ll be releasing updates to this main shortcut as well – I have a “Symptoms” option built out in a duplicate of this shortcut, but a bug in Shortcuts is causing the categories to reset each time.


Two great YouTube videos to check out, what Dictionary.com has to do with Accessibility, and bugs everlasting:


Rafael Conde, designer at Superlist and creator of Hand Mirror for Mac & the Thwip app for Apple Watch, has cleverly added his own sounds to his Apple Watch using Shortcuts:

Normalize adding TikTok memes as Shortcuts | Twitter

See Rafa’s example on Twitter.

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