Editorial Policy

Affiliate Links

This site uses affiliate links, so if you happen to purchase a products or app soon after clicking from my site, I’ll receive a portion of the total for referring you.

I don’t link to products that I don’t use, haven’t used in the past, or wouldn’t recommend to someone dear to me.

Grammar & Style

Sentences will try to convey complex thoughts in concise and clear words, all while using proper grammar.

Lists have Oxford Commas. Headers are in title case. I’ll link to new things the first time I mention them, as well as at the end of article.

And I’ll try not to use em-dashes too much.


Wherever possible, I want to give credit both to the original creator and the person who referred me to something.

If you know of a source to whom I may not have given credit, please let me know.


I want to achieve an overall tone of positivity and encouragement in my writing in. My goal is to celebrate technology and the ways it can be used for good.

There is no place for snark, bashing, or complaining, so feel free to hold me to it.

But if you’re a Nazi, get the hell off my website.