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Enhance your experience with bonus shortcuts, folder bundles, and exclusive perks.​

About The Membership

Join my exclusive membership and unlock the full potential of Shortcuts.

As a former Shortcuts team member at Apple and expert in automation, I’ve spent the last decade perfecting my workflows and developing a wealth of Shortcuts resources.

As a member, you’ll have access to my extensive library of extra shortcuts and folders bundles, as well as exclusive content where I share my expertise in-depth.

Take control of your workflow and join today!

Member Perks


As a member, you'll get exclusive access to 400+ additional shortcuts, including more advanced tools and powerful solutions for unique workflows.


Members can access my current Home Screen layouts, gear in my desk setup, downloads for my Apple Watch faces, and special content not published elsewhere.


I also host private livestreams for members via unlisted YouTube videos – there, we'll discuss Shortcuts on a higher level, talk directly about what everyone wants to see, and have fun.

Members also get access to the complete archive of past livestreams—including all free streams—that are saved as videos after each stream is over.


I run a publicly-available Discord community called the Shortcuts User Group — inside, there's a special #members channel exclusive to the membership.

There, I'll share bonus materials, information about the Catalog, and answer specific questions about the membership as they come up.

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Why a Membership?

I started this membership program to support sustainable creation.

With my years of experience and unique expertise, I can help you save time and get the most out of the technology you already have.

From discovering new uses for your favorite devices to gaining valuable insights into your workflow, a membership will provide you with a wealth of resources and ideas to improve your productivity – or just have fun learning.

By supporting my work through your continued membership, you’ll be directly enabling the production of high quality Shortcuts content for the long-term.

Sign up today and take a leap in your Shortcuts journey.