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Welcome to my public Shortcuts Library!

Check out the collection below to get started with Shortcuts — there are over 700 in total across the free and members-only collections.

Members also get bundle shortcuts, which compile each folder into single shortcuts so you can get all the benefits in one download.

Table of Contents

All shortcuts

Browse the latest shortcuts available for free or members-only.

Free shortcuts are easier to understand, solve a simple use case, or ideas that everyone should have in their collection.

Members-only shortcuts are more complex, solve specific use cases very well, and represent my unique ideas.

In general, an entire folder of shortcuts are either all free or all members-only — except the bundle shortcuts available on each page.

Member shortcuts

Free shortcuts

Custom Views

The following sections contain views that filter the Shortcuts Library by custom categorizations I’ve applied on top on my shortcuts.

More coming soon…

Shortcuts by Difficulty Level

Some actions are more straightforward, while some take a bit to learn about and implement in your shortcuts.

Browse them depending your current comfort level, then move up a level to see what else is possible next:


Shortcuts with just a few steps –good to learn from.


Shortcuts with more actions, a bit of scripting, or variables.


Deeper workflows that solve a problem well.

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