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Free shortcuts are easier to understand, solve a simple use case, or ideas that everyone should have in their collection.

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In general, an entire folder of shortcuts are either all free or all members-only — except the bundle shortcuts available on each page.

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Copy timestamp for Discord

Creates a special message for Discord to help avoid confusion that displays a specified date and time in each user’s timezone by converting the value to a Unix timestamp, with your choice of formatting options. Includes a bypass with Shortcut Input values.

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Show My Sports news

Opens to the Sports tab in the News app where you can see live games and stories from your favorite teams. If on iPhone and iPad, you can open links directly to games in the TV app.

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Show NBA news

Opens to News stories about the NBA, including scores, schedules, teams, and special curated categories for events like the Playoffs.

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All shortcuts are collected into the same folders that I use in the Shortcuts app, color-coded by the larger category groups.

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