New in the Shortcuts Library: Groceries shortcuts

If you're looking for a better to manage your groceries in the Reminders app, check out my new folder of shortcuts for Groceries.

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Groceries shortcuts:

  • Show my grocery list: Opens the “Groceries” list in Reminders.
  • Add to my grocery list: Presents a dialog to input a title for a new reminder, then adds it silently.
  • Dictate groceries: Dictates text, then splits it by new lines and adds them to Reminders in your groceries list.
  • Mark off items from my list: Asks you to pick from incomplete grocery reminders, then marks them as complete.
  • Get travel time to the grocery store: Asks you to pick from pre-programmed grocery store locations, then estimates travel time, distance, route, and arrival time before presenting the option to get directions.
  • Add from past trips: Asks you to pick items from previous grocery orders, adds new copies to the list, and clears the old ones.
  • Clear my grocery list: Asks you to pick from completed grocery reminders and removes them.

Check out the folder of Groceries shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

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