My Mind Map of the WWDC’24 Keynote

Check out my mind map of notes captured during the WWDC'24 keynote.

Hey members, here’s my mind map of notes that I took during the keynote for WWDC’24 while attending the WWDC.Community Watch Party.

Please note that this is not a complete breakdown of what was in the keynote – I wanted to share exactly what I captured, as an example of how I use mind-mapping software like MindNode to ingest and organize information in real-time.

Often times I’ll start with these main bullets, bring them into my notes, and eventually write individual stories or build shortcuts for each feature.

I didn’t use any of my MindNode shortcuts in the moment, but since then I’ve made a mind map link back to the doc in my to-do list and will export the mind map once I rewatch the keynote and complete everything.

Check out the mind map.

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