New for members: Mastodon Lists shortcuts

I've just added a bundle shortcut—Mastocuts Lists—and a folder of shortcuts for Mastodon Lists, available for members in the Shortcuts Library.

I’ve just added a new bundle shortcut to the Shortcuts Library — it’s called Mastocuts Lists — and the set of Mastodon Lists shortcuts that it contains:

I’m particularly fond of two of them:

Get Mastocuts Lists, check out the folder of Mastodon Lists shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

If you’re not already, sign up to become a member to access all of my bundle shortcuts and members-only shortcuts.

Featured Shortcuts

Open from my Mastodon Lists
Pulls your List data from the Mastodon API and lets you choose one to open.
Open into a List in Ivory
Pulls your List data from the Mastodon API, then opens the deep link into Ivory for the chosen list.
Add account to Mastodon list
Grabs the account from any Mastodon link and lets you pick which Lists to add them to.
Create Mastodon List
Asks you to enter the name for a new list, then creates it using the Mastodon API.
Add recommended Mastodon lists
Adds a pre-set list of names as new Lists on Mastodon.
Look up Mastodon account ID
Isolates a Mastodon handle from a link and looks up the account identifier.
Mastodon API List Read Access Token
Stores your List:Read token for the Mastodon API to reuse in other shortcuts.
Mastodon API List Write Access Token
Stores your List:Write token for the Mastodon API to reuse in other shortcuts.

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