Apple TV+ adds a limited time library of 50 movies to stream for free »

Apple has added a great set of free movies for Apple TV+ subscribers – and I made a shortcut that links to the page in the TV app.

From 9to5Mac:

Apple TV+ has launched a limited time collection of movies to stream for free as part of your Apple TV+ subscription. The company has done this occasionally in the past to coincide with the themed release of new originals, but this is by far the biggest drop.


The move is perhaps a sign that Apple continues to experiment and ponder whether it should expand beyond its ‘all originals’ strategy for its streaming service.

Here’s the full list in the new “Great Movies on Apple TV+” collection:

I’d love to this into a shortcut for my TV app folder, but the URL currently doesn’t redirect on iOS or iPadOS – I’ve filed it as Feedback to Apple as FB13668679.

Read the full article.

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