Let’s All Go To The Movies: Shortcuts for Fandango

For moviegoers, this set of shortcuts makes it easier to get your tickets on Fandango, head to the theater, and keep track of what you've seen.

In celebration of going to the movies and seeing films like Dune 2 in theaters, I’ve made a set of shortcuts for the Fandango service.

This set of 8 shortcuts can be added to Siri or in a Home Screen widget to help you quickly find movies or theaters nearby, get to the theater on time and show them your ticket, and quickly access the rest of Fandango when needed – here’s how they work:

Getting A Ticket

When you’re in the movie-going spirit, the first thing to do is check what’s available in theaters now – you’ll find films you may know about already, plus some that snuck under-the-radar or came out in re-release.

When using Fandango, you’ll find this under the “Movies” banner at the URL https://www.fandango.com/movies-in-theaters. When run with the Open URL action in Shortcuts, this URL redirects into the app to the Movies tab – get my shortcut “Show movies in theaters” to do just that at any moment.

Similarly, the Theaters banner and tab of Fandango can be opened using the URL pattern https://www.fandango.com/[ZIP code]_movietimes, where the [ZIP code] portion automatically gets replaced by your local ZIP code once Fandango detects from the web browser or asks permission for your location.

Using Shortcuts, we can automatically detect your ZIP code and replace it in the URL using two methods – using the Get Current Location action, and a faster trick using Get Current Weather that provides an approximate location slightly quicker than making a full GPS call.

My shortcut “Show theaters nearby” uses the Weather technique, grabs the ZIP code using Get Details of Location, and then places it into the Fandango link – this works great on both Mac and mobile devices.

Getting Into The Theater

Once you’ve decide on a movie and location, you’ll want to purchase your ticket directly through Fandango – they should then email you a confirmation, which, if you use Apple Mail, is then detected by Siri automatically and added to your calendar (hence why I didn’t build a shortcut for this step).

Once you have the automatic calendar event set up, I have another shortcut for estimating the time it takes to get to theater and getting directions there – my “Leave for theater” shortcut.

This shortcut asks you to pick the upcoming calendar event (I decided to confirm which one rather than simply picking the next event, in case you check earlier in the day), then that chosen event’s location is used in the next few steps. From there, the event name and driving time to that location are extracted, to be used in the next prompt.

In the final prompt, “Leave for theater” delivers a message full of information about the trip, showing total travel time, the quickest route, and the arrival time – that way you know for sure when to get there to park, get food and drinks, and get seated before the show starts.

Once you’re at the theater, Fandango actually provides a native shortcut for “Find my ticket,” which opens the Fandango app and displays the upcoming ticket, so the ticket-taker can scan you in.

You can also see details about the which theater your movie in being shown in at this location, which I find helpful – knowing where to go once you’re inside can save time if you’re running late.

Admittedly, your ticket might already show on your device if you’ve added it as a pass in Apple Wallet, but I wanted to include Fandango’s only native Shortcuts action – perhaps they’ll take these URL-based shortcuts and turn them into native actions in the future?

Quick access to Fandango

While the previous four shortcuts are my favorite of the group, and the main ones I use on iPhone to manage my ticket-buying experience, the following I designed to round out the experience and are still helpful occasionally in my iPad widgets and via search on Mac.

First, is “Browse Fandango,” which simply acts as a redirect to the main page of the Fandango website and app – here they curate categories like Coming Soon, Watch At Home, and Features that are nice to check out.

Search Fandango” takes advantage of Shortcuts scripting to prompt you to enter a search term, uses Replace Text to swap out spaces for the + symbol, and includes that all in the URL pattern for their search results – run this, type your search, and see results on Fandango’s website.

Fandango also produces their own news content, including custom features, trailers, upcoming ticket sales, and more – my “Show movie news” shortcut takes you to the web page for it all at https://www.fandango.com/movie-news.

And finally, “Show purchase history” is the only shortcut that requires you to sign in to Fandango, after which you’ll be able to see your full list of movies you’ve been to – a fun experience to reflect on (and something that definitely prompted me to go to the movies more last summer once I realized I hadn’t been since Rise of Skywalker!).

See You At The Theaters

As someone who very much fell off of seeing movies in theaters the last couple years, I’ve enjoyed going back and watching a few new films on the big screen again – there’s something undeniable about the movie-going experience, from the massive visuals, blow-away sound, and just getting a bucket of popcorn & drinks to enjoy.

Since I usually buy my tickets from Fandango anyway, these shortcuts make the experience just a little bit smoother – and having the Shortcuts widget on my Home Screen next to the Fandango icon acts a nice reminder to check out what’s available and head to a theater nearby; something that’s just plain good for the soul.

Get my Fandango shortcuts in the Shortcuts Library.

Featured Shortcuts

Show movies in theaters
Opens Fandango to the section with movies available to go see now in theaters.
Show theaters nearby
Gets your current ZIP code, then opens Fandango to movie times in your area.
Leave for theater
Checks for a movie calendar event (automatically added via Gmail when you purchase tickets) and presents the total travel time estimates, then opens Apple Maps to get directions.
Find my ticket
Shows your recent movie ticket to be scanned by the ticket taker – or tap to open your ticket details.
Browse Fandango
Opens the Fandango app when run from iPhone or Fandango.com when run from other devices.
Search Fandango
Asks you to enter a query, then reformats it for Fandango’s search results and opens the URL into the app or website.
Show movie news
Opens the “Movie News” section of Fandango to show reporting on upcoming films.
Show purchase history
Opens the “My Purchases” section of your Fandango accounts to see recent tickets you’ve purchased.

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