Background Process actions

This action lets you explain how part of a shortcut works. When run, this action does nothing.
Get Current Watch Face
Get the currently active face on your Apple Watch.
Get What’s On Screen
Gets the current content on screen, if available.
List Watch Faces
List your Apple Watch faces.
Add to Variable
Appends this action’s input to the specified variable, creating the variable if it does not exist. This allows you to make a variable hold multiple items.
Set Variable
Sets the value of the specified variable to the input of this action.
Clear Up Next
Clears all the music in your Up Next Queue.
Get My Shortcuts
Gets the shortcuts stored on this device. For example, you could use this action with the Make Archive action to zip up your shortcuts.
Open Magnifier
Magnifier lets you use your device’s camera to magnify your surroundings
Start Guided Access
Guided Access keeps your iOS device in a single app. Set up Guided Access in Settings
Start Speak Screen
Speak Screen allows you to hear the content of the screen.
Get Episodes for Podcast
Returns a list of episodes from a podcast show
Get Podcasts from Library
Gets a list of all shows in your Podcast library
Get Last Import
Gets the most recent photo import from the Photos app.
Format File Size
Format a file size automatically, or using bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, and YB or higher.
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