Voice Memos shortcuts

Shortcuts for interacting with the Voice Memos app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Use these shortcuts to take better advantage of Apple’s built-in Voice Memos app that provides high-quality solo audio recording and editing.

Try out “Just Press Record” to capture memos and transcribe them as well.

Voice Memos is an underrated app from Apple and has gotten even better in the past few years, providing in-app editing tools as well as higher-quality mics on almost all Apple computers.

These actions from Voice Memos let you jump into a previous recording, make a new one, or see your list of recordings – I also wish we had access to retrieve the Voice Memos with Shortcuts or via iCloud Drive, however, because with that I’d take these shortcuts to the next level.

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Open Audio/Visual preferences

Opens the Audio or Visual section of Accessibility settings where you can adjust Headphone Accomations, Background Sounds, Mono Audio, Power On and Off Sounds, Headphone Notifications, Balance, and LED Flash for Alerts.

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