Quick pin

Takes URLs from input and saves them immediately into Pinboard.

Actions Used

Add Recognized Sound
Configure Sound Recognition to attempt to notify you for certain sounds. Sounds can also be configured under Accessibility in the Settings app.
Add New Reminder
Creates a new reminder and adds it to the selected list of reminders.
Add New Calendar
Creates a new calendar.Result (Text) The name of the new calendar

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Quick pin” end tell

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Open Driving Focus

Opens to the general Focus settings page so you can customize Driving settings like Auto-Reply or the Turn On Automatically settings like When Connected to CarPlay or Activate With CarPlay.

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Email myself

Save a short note to yourself by dictating or typing in the body, then automatically sending the email to your own email address with a canned title.

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