Watermark photo

Takes a photo input and overlays “© YOUR NAME HERE” in the bottom right corner.

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Shortcut Information

Use this shortcut to place a simple watermark on top of a photo that’s shared as input, visible on-screen when run with Siri, or added when the shortcut is run.

That image is converted to a JPEG, then the copyright text is overlaid in the bottom right in white, 40px from either edge, at the default size 60, and framed by a 3px black outline. You can also change the font – I chose Helvetica.

The shortcut previews your new watermarked image in a Quick Look window where you can share it elsewhere, then saves a copy to Photos as well.
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Actions Used In This

Convert Image
Converts the images passed into the action to the specified image format.
Get Images from Input
Gets images from the result of the previous action.

For example, this action can get the album art of a song, or all the images on a web page.
Passes the specified text to the next action.
Overlay Text
Overlays text onto the image passed as input.
Quick Look
Displays a preview of the input.
Save to Photo Album
Adds the photos and video passed as input to the specified photo album. This action is required if you want images, photos, or videos in Shortcuts to be saved into the Photos app.

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Watermark photo” end tell

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