Toolbox Pro actions

Add New Calendar
Creates a new calendar. Result (Text) The name of the new calendar
Convert Time Zone
Converts the specified date and time from one time zone to another.
Make Image from PDF Page
Creates images from the pages in the PDF passed into the action.
Make Spoken Audio From Text
Creates an audio file from text, using text-to-speech.
Get Text from PDF
Gets text from the provided PDF file. Input Rich text, File, Image, URL, Evernote note, PDF, Text Result Text, Rich text
Extract Text from Image
Uses OCR to extract text from an image.
Overlay Text
Overlays text onto the image passed as input.
Share With Apps
Prompts to share the input using action extensions and sharing extensions provided by other apps.
Dismiss Siri and Continue
Switches into the Shortcuts app and continues to the next action.
Go to Home Screen
Navigates to the Home Screen.