New in the Shortcuts Library: QuickBooks shortcuts

Get my shortcuts for QuickBooks Self-Employed for connecting your banks and importing transactions, staying on top of quarterly taxes, and viewing your reports.

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of QuickBooks shortcuts for accessing the most important parts of the QuickBooks Self-Employed experience.

Add your banks and transactions, stay on top of quarterly taxes, and view your reports as your business grows:

  • Open QuickBooks Self-Employed: Opens the homepage for QuickBooks Self-Employed on the web. If not signed, will redirect you to the login page.
  • Log transactions: Opens the Transactions page in QuickBooks Self-Employed so you can view, update, and tag transactions as needed.
  • Manage bank accounts: Opens the QuickBooks page for connecting your bank accounts – use this to set up new accounts or update your connection if it falls out of sync.
  • Log mileage with QuickBooks: Opens the QuickBooks mobile app so you can log mileage for business trips directly in the app.
  • Check miles logged: Opens the Milage Log of QuickBooks Self-Employed so you can track how many miles you’ve travelled as business expenses.
  • Check business taxes: Opens the Tax page of QuickBooks Self-Employed so you can stay on top of tax bills, due dates, and other notices.
  • Check quarterly taxes: Opens the Quarterly tab of the Tax page for QuickBooks Self-Employed so you can view and file your quarterly taxes (to avoid paying in one big lump-sum the year after).
  • Show QuickBooks reports: Opens the Reports page of QuickBooks Self-Employed so you can track and visualize your progress.
  • Import transactions: Opens the page for importing transactions into QuickBooks Self-Employed (for anything that can’t be handled directly through your bank).
  • Manage Intuit account: Opens the account manager for QuickBooks Self-Employed on Intuit’s site.

Check out the folder of QuickBooks shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

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