Peaks Visualizes Your Circadian Rhythm And Daily Routines [Sponsor]

Peaks is a unique biorhythm tracking app that lets you visualize your energy levels throughout the day – my thanks for their sponsorship this week.

Peaks is a unique app for iPhone that, when I discovered it, caused me to exclaim “How I have not heard of this before?” This circadian rhythm app visualizes the daily rise and fall of your energy levels based on your internal clock, taking into account things like your sleep patterns and routines to create a guide for how to approach your day.

Peaks offers a set of routines that you can toggle on or off, plus get notified for, like when it’s time to Avoid Caffeine in the afternoon or Wind Down at night. Routines like Creativity, Exercise, Energize, Focus, and Decisions are helpful as well – these fall into time periods throughout your day that you may understand inherently, but are helpful to remember and even actively be notified it’s the optimal time for.

Certain routines also offer unique options, like tracking your streak for avoiding late meals or fitting tasks in your optimal working times.

As your day progresses, Peaks’ visualization also zooms in to let you see peaks and valleys, plus marks off previous routines in the timeline. Tapping the Share button in the top right corner lets you share the graph of your biorhythm with someone else.

The Insights tab also shows visualizations of your sleep patterns, showing time asleep and sleep quality data, your consistency over the last two weeks, and heart rate data from Apple Watch or a third-party sleep app. Plus, you can see your Energy Score, letting you estimate today’s potential based on a summary of your other metrics.

Peaks works best when combined with its great widgets for the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and StandBy mode for iPhone, letting you ambiently see your progress throughout your day.

Plus an Apple Watch app complete with complications and Smart Stack widgets makes it easy to check in with your body, right from your wrist.

Get Peaks on the App Store.

My thanks to Peaks for sponsoring the blog for the week of March 18.

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