Updated in the Shortcuts Library: Apple Music shortcuts

If you're subscribed to Apple Music, this set of shortcuts gives you full access to your For You playlists, Apple Music radio, and curator pages.

I’ve just updated a folder in the Shortcuts Library — my set of Apple Music shortcuts:

  • Play my radio station: Plays the personalized radio station curated for you by Apple Music.
  • Play Discovery station: Plays Apple Music’s newest “Discovery” station that plays curated tracks from outside your library or playlists.
  • Play Apple Music 1: Plays the main curated radio station for Apple Music, previously known as Beats 1.
  • Play Apple Music Hits: Opens the Apple Music Hits radio station that plays top tracks from the service (as opposed to the main Apple Music 1 channel).
  • Open Mood playlists: Opens the curated pages of playlists for various Moods included in Apple Music.
  • Open Genre pages: Opens deep link into the genre pages in Apple Music.
  • Open Apple Music artists: Presents a list of Apple Music 1 radio shows and opens the corresponding URL to their curator page.
  • Open Apple Music TV: Opens the deep link into Apple Music TV, immediately starting the currently-playing music videos.
  • Open Apple Music Essentials: Opens the Apple Music curator page for Essentials playlists of the top tracks from popular artists – great for playing across an artist’s discography instead of picking an album.
  • Open Apple Music News: Opens the News app to the special Apple Music curator page.
  • Play my Favorites mix: Plays the automatic Favorites Mix curated by Apple Music for you, updated Mondays.
  • Play my Get Up mix: Kick off some energetic tracks from your Get Up Mix in Apple Music, with new tracks added every Tuesday.
  • Play my Friends mix: Starts the “Friends Mix” playlist from Apple Music’s Made For You feature – playlist is updated every Friday.
  • Play my New Music mix: Plays tracks from the New Music Mix updated every Friday in Apple Music.
  • Play my Chill Mix: Plays the Chill Mix that’s “Made For You” by Apple Music. Updated every Sunday, this one is good for unwinding in the evening or relaxing on the weekends.
  • Share my Apple Music profile: Shares the link to your Apple Music profile found in the Music app.
  • Open EDC live sets: Opens the editor page in Apple Music for EDC’s series of live sets from over the years.
  • Open Soulection Radio: Opens the editor page in Apple Music for Soulection radio, a laid-back show that airs on Sunday nights.
  • Open the Boiler Room: Opens the editor page in Apple Music for the Boiler Room, a series of shows for underground dance music with a webcam showing the set.
  • Explore Apple Music hosts: Presents a playlist of Apple Music host pages and opens the deep link into that section of the Music app.

Check out the folder of Apple Music shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.


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