Copy stories for spreadsheet

Pulls archived items from a specific tag and extracts the title/URL from the choice, separated by two tabs and copied to the clipboard so it can be pasted across columns in a spreadsheet.

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Use this shortcut to copy out the title and link for any stories you’ve saved and paste them somewhere like a Google Sheet.

I created this to find stories for my podcast, then, once I’ve read them, pick the best stories and move them into a shared Google doc with my cohost before our show.

Items are separated in columns by Title | Notes | URL, so the two tabs allow the title to drop in the first cell, then one tab skips to Notes, the second skips to URL, and then my link gets placed there.

This workflow was not previously possible in the same way via Instapaper, because I’d either have to star every story or save items before archiving (since Instapaper doesn’t sort the archive).With Reeder, I can properly read/archive/star stories as normal, then pick from the archive later and move them into my doc.
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Opens the input as a PDF in iBooks.
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Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Copy stories for spreadsheet” end tell

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