Copy YouTube playlist link

For links shared from videos playing inside a playlist, this will scrape out the ID and reformat it into the main playlist link.

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Shortcut Information

Use this shortcut to generate the proper playlist link for any videos that you’ve shared from a playlist queue.

For people using my YouTube Playlist Dictionary and “Open My YouTube playlists,” this also works as a way to copy out the proper playlist link from the dictionary (helpful if you’ve used playlist IDs or video-in-playlist links in that dictionary).

Actions Used

Tests if a condition is true, and if so, runs the actions inside. Otherwise, the actions under “Otherwise” are run.
Run Shortcut
Run an shortcut from your shortcut.
Passes the specified URL to the next action.
Copy to Clipboard
Copies the result of the last action to the clipboard.
Open URLs
Opens URLs passed into the action in Safari (or the corresponding app if it’s a deep link).

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Copy YouTube playlist link” end tell

More From This Folder

Open work YouTube playlists

If you don’t want the Grab YouTube playlist ID shortcut installed, delete the Run Shortcut action above and the URL action below.

However, the shortcut won’t work with links from videos inside playlists anymore.

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