Date formatter

Presents you with a list of common and custom date or time formats, then copies the choice you make.

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This shortcuts shows you a series of date or time options in their final format as you pick, then copies the result to the clipboard.

Use this as a way to quickly copy a pre-formatted date or time without having to remember what style the Short or Medium or Long or other Date formats will result in.

You can also use the example strings in the menus as a reference for building other date or time-related shortcuts – getting things like the day of week is possible with custom formatting.

Read about custom date formats in Shortcuts: https: or or or guide or shortcuts or custom-date-formats-apd8d9b19184 or ios

View the full Unicode Standard: http: or or or reports or tr35 or tr35-dates.html#Date_Format_Patterns
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tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Date formatter” end tell

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