Text Editing shortcuts

Shortcuts for interacting with the written word like you would in a text editor.

Use these shortcuts to insert text replacements in any block of text, perform a spellcheck, or define words using the system dictionary.

Also includes a shortcut for turning images into text strings that can be decoded back into the image later.

Special characters

Contains a dictionary of names and symbols that, when passed into Choose From List, becomes selectable – for whichever option is chosen, the corresponding symbol will be passed out and copied to the clipboard.

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Spell check

Corrects the spelling of the text shared as input or from your clipboard, then presents it a prompt to confirm before copying.

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Change text case

Takes the input from the Share sheet or clipboard, lets you choose from UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalizing Every Word, swapping to Title Case, or swapping to Sentence case, and copies it to your clipboard.

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