Remove empty lines

Uses a regular expressions to automatically get rid of new lines that don’t have any text in them.

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This shortcut uses the Replace Text action set to a regular expression for `\n\B` to look for new lines without any text included and replace them with nothing, which in effect removes the line entirely.

This shortcut is useful if you’re working with Rich Text from a sources like webpages and want to get rid of blank spaces in the design to end up with a succint version of the text on the page.

Also great for lists or weird data issues – can be formatted to work without the notification to function well inside Run Shortcut as a subrotuine for another shortcut.

Source: https: or or or r or shortcuts or comments or acbf2j or remove_empty_lines or

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AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Remove empty lines” end tell

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