Set a timer on the Nest Hub

Asks you to enter a time, then opens Google Assistant and asks it to set a timer on a Nest Hub.

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Designed for use in my kitchen, this shortcut uses the Ask Google action from the Google Assistant app to make an advanced query generated using Shortcuts scripting.

This lets you specify the device—I like the Nest Hub for display timers on a big screen in our kitchen—and then prompts you with a numpad to enter in a time period, after which the query is combined and passed into the “question” paramter in Ask Google.

However, since Google seems to have built this with pre-iOS 15 APIs from Apple, their action requires opening into the Google Assistant app to execute the command – hopefully Google develops an in-shortcut method to display the Google Assistant and show your query process without leaving your current context.

This is also designed for the Shortcuts widget, so after opening Google Assistant and waiting for the request to execute, it returns to the Home Screen so you don’t have to close the app yourself.

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AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Set a timer on the Nest Hub” end tell

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