Set alarm by sunrise

Gets the sunrise time from tomorrow’s forecast and sets the alarm 8.5 hours before.

Actions Used

Toggle Alarm
Enables or disables an alarm in the Clock app.
Create Alarm
Creates an alarm in the Clock app
Get All Alarms
Gets all the alarms in the Clock app.
Repeat with Each
Takes a list of items as input, and runs the contained actions once for each item in the list.
Tests if a condition is true, and if so, runs the actions inside. Otherwise, the actions under “Otherwise” are run.
Format Date
Formats a date and time into text.
Adjust Date
Adds or subtracts an amount of time from the date passed into the action.
Get Dictionary Value
Gets the value for the specified key in the dictionary passed into the action.
Passes the specified list of key-value pairs to the next action as a dictionary.
Set Dictionary Value
Sets a value in the dictionary passed into the action.
Filter Files
Given a list of files, this action returns the files that match the given criteria. Allows for sorting, changing the order, and limiting the number passed as a result.
Get Weather Forecast
Gets an hourly or daily weather forecast at the specified location.
Get Details of Weather Conditions
Gets a specific piece of information from the weather conditions passed into the action.
Set Variable
Sets the value of the specified variable to the input of this action.
Passes the specified text to the next action.
Get Item from List
Returns one or more items from the list passed as input. You can get the first item, the last item, a random item, the item at a particular index, or items in a range of indexes.
Choose from List
Presents a menu of the items passed as input to the action and outputs the user’s selection. Prompt The instruction provided when the list is presented. Select Multiple When enabled, multiple items may be chosen from the list.
Show Result
Shows the specified text in Siri or in an alert.

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Set alarm by sunrise” end tell

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