Set background sound volume

Presents a menu from 10%-50% in 5% increments and sets background sounds to that percentage out of the total volume.

Actions Used

Replace Text
Replaces some text passed into the action with other text.
Choose from List
Presents a menu of the items passed as input to the action and outputs the user’s selection. Prompt The instruction provided when the list is presented. Select Multiple When enabled, multiple items may be chosen from the list.
Allows you to specify a list of items to be passed to the next action.
Set Background Sounds Volume
Sets the volume for background sounds. Background sounds mask unwanted environmental noise and can be used when media is playing. Background sounds can also be enabled under Accessibility in Settings.

Extra Details

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AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Set background sound volume” end tell

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Set background sounds

Presents a menu of the six options for Background Sounds available in Accessibility—balanced noise, bright noise, dark noise, ocean, ra, and stream sounds—then activates the choice, turns on the sounds, sets the volume to 20%, and also allows sounds during background media at 10%.

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