Advanced actions

Get Component of URL
Gets the specified part of the URL passed into the action. URLs are structured as follows: scheme://user:password@host:port/path?query#fragment.
Remove Reminders
Removes all reminders passed into the action from the lists they are contained in.
Get Halfway Point
Gets the halfway point between two locations.
Run Javascript on Web Page
Runs JavaScript on a Safari web page passed as input. Only available when running your shortcut as an Action Extension from Safari.
Get Details of Safari Web Page
Gets a specific piece of information from the safari web pages passed into the action, including page contents, page selection, page URL, and name.
Start Speak Screen
Speak Screen allows you to hear the content of the screen.
Start Guided Access
Guided Access keeps your iOS device in a single app. Set up Guided Access in Settings
Set Smart Invert
Reverses the colors of the display except for images, media and some apps that use dark color styles.
Set Classic Invert
Reverses the colors of the display
Run Script over SSH
Runs a script on a remote computer over SSH.
Get My Shortcuts
Gets the shortcuts stored on this device. For example, you could use this action with the Make Archive action to zip up your shortcuts.
Get Stock Quote
Gets the stock quote of the given stock. Stock information provided by Yahoo!
Get Details of Stocks
Gets a specific piece of information from the stocks passed into the action.
Match Text
Searches text passed into the action for matches to a regular expression.
Get Group from Matched Text
Gets the text that matched a particular capture group or all of the capture groups from the output of a Match Text action.
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