View Your Order History, Shopping Cart, and Amazon Categories With These Shortcuts

If you're an Amazon shopper, there's many parts of the site you might not have seen yet – use these shortcuts to quickly browse for items.

A few months ago, I did my usual thing of making a full set of shortcuts to completely “automate” access to a website of choice – this time, with

Available now in my Shortcuts Library, my folder of Amazon shortcuts contains deep links to all the sections of Amazon’s website that I felt were useful enough as shortcuts – 24 distinct pages found within their navigation menu.1

Whether you want to open your account pages like the shopping cart, browsing history, orders by year, or wishlists, or categories like pet supplies, beauty, or Amazon Basics, or curated areas like Best Sellers, Top Picks for You, or “Mover & Shakers,” well – I’ve got a shortcut for that.2

Side note: this group of shortcuts in particular works great in the Extra Large widget coming to iPadOS 17, which holds up to sixteen shortcuts at once 🤓.

Get the folder of Amazon shortcuts in my Shortcuts Library.

  1. Once I made a few, I felt compelled to make them all
  2. Note: none of these shortcuts contain affiliate links. Whether you’re taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day or not, I didn’t make these shortcuts for this “holiday” – I just figured they’re relevant right now and might be helpful. 

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