My Monarch: Legacy of Monsters movie watch list (and shortcut)

This Friday, Apple is releasing the first two episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the ambitious TV series building off the Godzilla and Kong movie series starting back in 2014. The show appears to be Apple TV+’s next blockbuster series, premiering with fairly positive reviews – and acts as a huge teaser for the Apple Vision Pro among rumors that the show has been filmed in 3D specifically for the headset.

Especially since the series appears to put more effort into the human relationships—while still including epic monster battles—than the movies did, I’m definitely looking forward to the show.

Since the first episodes are coming out soon, I’m going to make it a mini event and watch one movie each night ahead of the show – here’s the list (prices at time of publishing):

  1. Monday: Godzilla ($9.99 to buy, $3.99 to rent)
  2. Tuesday: Kong: Skull Island ($9.99 to buy, $3.99 to rent)
  3. Wednesday: Godzilla: King of the Monsters ($9.99 to buy, $3.99 to rent)
  4. Thursday: Godzilla vs Kong ($9.99 to buy, $3.99 to rent)
  5. Friday: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters ($9.99/month as part of Apple TV+ or included in Apple One)

However, if you’re going to watch too, you shouldn’t actually buy these individually and instead go for the bundles – the 4-movie bundle is $29.99, and if you already own Godzilla vs Kong (like me) the other 3-movie bundle is $19.99.

If you’re interested in following along, look for my entries on Letterboxd.

Plus, I’ve added these movies and TV show to a new “Watch Godzilla” shortcut, as part of my folder of TV app shortcuts.