New shortcuts: Quick access for the YouTube app

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of YouTube app shortcuts:

  • YouTube on TV: Opens the YouTube app on the chosen Apple TV, then opens the YouTube app on your mobile device – this lets you connect the two and manage your TV queue from your phone or iPad.
  • Search YouTube: Prompts you to enter a query and then opens it YouTube in Safari.
  • Open my Home feed: Opens on the web or redirects to the Home tab in the app.
  • Open YouTube Shorts: Opens the YouTube Shorts feed in the iOS and iPad apps, or the YouTube Shorts page on web.
  • Open my Subscriptions: Opens the Subscriptions tab in the YouTube app to show only videos from people you’ve followed.
  • Show YouTube library: Opens the link to the Library tab of YouTube, which shows your History, Watch Later, Playlists, and Liked Videos.
  • Open my Watch Later: Opens the deep link into the Watch Later page of the YouTube website, where I can then watch videos in picture-in-picture. Requires opening in Safari after showing page.
  • Browse my movies on YouTube: Opens the YouTube section for purchased movies, including films synced with Movies Anywhere.
  • Open my YouTube Clips: Opens your personal feed on Clips saved from YouTube videos. Use this feature to capture important ideas and give them custom titles, and have a feed of personalized clips to view again later.
  • Show my Liked videos: Opens the automatic playlist for Liked videos created for every YouTube account.
  • Open my watch history: Opens the deep link into the History section of the YouTube library page in the app.
  • Manage subscribed YouTube Channels: Opens the feed of channels you’ve subscribed to on YouTube – use this to directly access channels using Search, or clean up your subscriptions by removing some.
  • Watch in YouTube app: Redirects a web URL for a YouTube into the mobile app by replacing https:// with youtube:// in the link.
  • Who’s live on YouTube?: Opens the Subscriptions feed sorted as a list so you can see who’s live at the top.
  • YouTube TV: Turns on my living room TV, opens the YouTube app, and shows the remote control on the current device so I can navigate the interface. When run from Mac, opens YouTube in Safari in fullscreen.

Check out the folder of YouTube app shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.


The iPhone’s Today View Is The Most Convenient Place to Run Your Shortcuts »

In Stephen Robles’ “Inside My iPhone Setup” video on YouTube, starting at 3:15, he talks about using the Today view to store the Shortcuts widget:

Dive into my full iPhone setup tour for 2024, where I showcase customized Home and Lock Screens, Today View widgets, Shortcuts, Focus Modes, and filters for maximal productivity. If you’re curious about how to tailor your iPhone to fit your daily routine or have any setup questions, drop them below!

I agree that this is the best place to start out when using Shortcuts – it’s always available, even from the Lock Screen.

View the video YouTube.


Stephen Robles on the iPhone Action Button 5 Months Later… »

From Stephen Robles on YouTube:

After 5 months of experimenting with the iPhone Action Button, I’ve settled on one daily use that stands out above the rest. Discover the top 3 alternate uses that almost made the cut and why simplicity won the day for my action button setup.

I mentioned this video on Clockwise this week – my usage has definitely changed. And, as a teaser, Apple is making more actions for Shortcuts in iOS 17.4 that make dynamic Action button shortcuts easier to create…

View the video YouTube.

Links Video

Chris Lawley’s MUST have Shortcuts Automations: What’s on my iPad »

From Christopher Lawley on YouTube:

Let’s talk about my Shortcuts automations and what’s on my iPad.


View the video YouTube.

Apps Links

Juno 1.1 for visionOS Adds the Ability to Open URLs in the App »

From Federico Viticci on MacStories:

In version 1.0 of Juno, there wasn’t a way to take a YouTube URL from Play (or any other app) and instantly open it in the app. Whenever I clicked a YouTube link in a visionOS app, it would take me to Safari, with no way to redirect that video to the Juno app instead. With the new Juno URL scheme in version 1.1, this is now possible. Simply replace https:// with juno:// in a YouTube URL, and you’ll be able to watch that video in Juno rather than YouTube’s website.

But we are refined and tasteful people with our Vision Pros, and no one should edit URLs by hand to watch a YouTube video in 2024. So I’ve built two shortcuts that you can install on your Vision Pro to simplify the process of reopening those links in Juno.

The first one is a basic shortcut that you can run on in Safari to open the video you’re watching in Juno. To use it, just select ‘From YouTube to Juno’ in the Safari share sheet, and the video will be opened in Juno, where you can watch it with a superior interface.

The second shortcut I’ve created is one to pick from a list of videos saved in the Play app and watch the selected video in Juno. Aptly named ‘From Play to Juno’, the shortcut is a nice way to go through your Play queue on the Vision Pro and take advantage of Juno’s native YouTube UI to watch your saved videos.

Get the shortcuts on MacStories.


Automation Academy: Federico Viticci’s Collection of Advanced Shortcuts for Things »

From Federico Viticci on Club MacStories:

A few months ago, I decided to switch to Things as my default task manager. As I shared multiple times on AppStories and MacStories Weekly, I’m really happy with my decision: not only does the design of the Things app create a more relaxed environment for me to manage my responsibilities, but Cultured Code’s embrace of Shortcuts automation has allowed me to create dozens of custom enhancements for Things.

This is the reason why I fell in love with Things: the app’s “simple” design and structure leaves room for power users to make their own functionalities by taking advantage of the app’s integration with Shortcuts. Things doesn’t have a feature you need? Just make it yourself by choosing from the large catalog of Shortcuts actions available in the app.

I previously shared an initial set of shortcuts I created for Things; I also created ThingsBox, an advanced shortcut to intelligently save tasks to the Things inbox. Since those articles, I’ve built several more shortcuts and created personal automations to script certain behaviors of Things on a daily basis. So, exclusively for Club Plus and Premier members, today I’m sharing my full collection of Things shortcuts, which have vastly improved how I manage my tasks on the iPad Pro and capture them on the iPhone.

Let’s take a look.

Great set of shortcuts that solves some of the pain in managing tasks daily in Things.

Read the full article.


What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue 103

From Issue 103 of my Shortcuts newsletter:

 This issue is full of Apple Vision Pro links, and my return to YouTube with one unboxing video, a livestream, and a concept video – plus handy media shortcuts, a fix from Feedback, app updates you might’ve missed, and new Tim Robinson-inspired AirTag gear?

And, to finish it all off, two announcements!

Read the full issue on MailerLite.

Guest appearances Links

Clockwise 542: You Should Not Toss Leprechauns »

On Wednesday, February 21, I had the pleasure of joining Dan Moren as a guest along with James Thompson and Rosemary Orchard on Clockwise to talk about:

How we’d use a HomePod with a screen, Apple’s new Sports app, Vision Pro impressions after a couple weeks, and what we use our iPhone’s Action button for.

Check out Clockwise in Apple Podcasts or listen to the episode below:

Livestreams Membership

Apple Vision Pro Testing: Streaming from Mac

Last week, in a special livestream for members, I tested using the Apple Vision Pro developer strap to capture my perspective in real-time and share what it’s like to use spatial computing:

In this video, I’m testing how to capture, record, and stream using the Apple Vision Pro and Ecamm Live.

This method requires the Apple Developer strap, a USB-C cable (preferably extra long), and QuickTime for Mac, plus Ecamm Live and an Apple Vision Pro.

Become a member to get access to access to the video, plus:

  • New shortcuts on an ongoing basis
  • Extra ways to browse the catalog when you’re signed in
  • Prerelease notes & workflows I’m putting together


Siri Vision Pro: my Spatial Shortcuts visionOS concept video

This Monday morning, I published a short concept video on YouTube built using Shortcuts and Apple Vision Pro:

This video demonstrates my concept for how Shortcuts can be used with Apple Vision Pro in visionOS 1.1 and beyond

In visionOS 1.0, Shortcuts can only open apps one-at-a-time. In the beta for 1.1, however, Open App can be used multiple times to open a set of apps.

Then, with Shortcuts, you can set up a folder for different contexts in your home. For this video, I’ve done just that – here are the apps I used in the video:

To film the video, I first opened all the apps, placed them in position, and then use Hide All Other Apps to close them all.

What you see in the video is me running each shortcut and opening the already-running apps one-by-one.

Beyond visionOS 1.1, Apple needs to add a way to pin apps to specific locations – I propose the Find Windows, Move Windows, and Resize Windows from macOS get added to visionOS. Perhaps there’s also a tie-in with the Rooms from the Home app?

Check out the video on YouTube and get the folder of shortcuts.



New shortcuts for Apple Vision Pro: my Rooms concept

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Rooms shortcuts designed for my Apple Vision Pro concept video:

  • Open Studio apps: Opens a set of apps designed for everyday use in the studio – includes Widgetsmith, Fantastical, Freeform, Music, and Photos.
  • Open Music Room apps: Opens a set of apps designed for everyday use in the music area of my family room – includes the MusicHarbor, MusicBox, and Ultimate Guitar Tabs apps.
  • Open Video Game apps: Opens a set of apps designed for everyday use in the family room with a game console – includes Twitch, GameTrack, Xbox, Discord, and Telegram.
  • Open Living Room apps: Opens a set of apps designed for everyday use in the living room – includes Books, Home, Calendar, Podcasts, News, Streaks, and Structured.
  • Open TV apps: Opens a set of apps designed for everyday use near your living room couch – includes Letterboxd, TV Forecast, Fandango, IMDB, and a menu choosing between TV, Disney, Amazon Prime, MAX, Plex, or Juno.

Note: these shortcuts require visionOS 1.1, which is, as of publishing, in beta – that means it requires a developer or public beta installed on your Apple Vision Pro to work as intended.

Second note: Be sure to read the description of my concept video to understand how these work – these shortcuts won’t place your apps for you, but will reopen them in the same place once closed (assuming you haven’t reset your position).

Check out the folder of Rooms shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library and watch the concept video.


Register Your Interest For Sponsorships

Hello brands, businesses, and developers – I’m excited to announce that my work is now open for sponsorship opportunities, starting with YouTube!

If you’re a brand or business looking to connect with a passionate audience through high-quality media, let’s talk! Whether it’s through product reviews, sponsored content, or more unique collaborations, let’s explore how we can work together.

To register your company’s interest, fill out this form – and if you’re particularly interested in being first in this process, feel free to reach out directly.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to sharing about the fun new projects this will enable.

View the form.


31 More Apps From Apple Vision Pro Developers

Last week, I shared a great set of apps for Apple Vision Pro from developers who shared their links on Threads.

However, since I am apparently somewhat blending reality and spatial computing, I apparently forgot to collect the other half the people I asked – here’s more apps you can try on the headset:

  1. Everlog – Daily journal: App Store | Social
  2. MoneyCoach – Budget planner: App Store | Social
  3. CamPlan – 3D home layouts: App Store | Social
  4. No Meat Today – Meatless tracking: App Store | Social
  5. Decky Dashboard – Social columns: App Store | Social
  6. NowPlaying – IMDb for music : App Store | Social
  7. Numerics – Business dashboard: App Store | Social
  8. Mercury Weather – Visualize weather: App Store | Social
  9. Bezel – iPhone mirroring: App Store | Social
  10. Timely – Virtual spatial clock: App Store | Social
  11. Tizipizi – Time zone converter: App Store | Social
  12. Study Snacks – Vocabulary and learning: App Store | Social
  13. JigSpace – 3D presentations: App Store | Social
  14. TV Launcher – Launch US channels: App Store | Social
  15. TV Remote – Universal Remote: App Store | Social
  16. AppJournal – Log developer achievements: App Store | Social
  17. Ambre – Recipes and cooking: App Store | Social
  18. LookUp – Visual dictionary: App Store | Social
  19. The Assembler – Learn coding with pixel art: App Store | Social
  20. Chess Dreams – Immersive chess: App Store | Social
  21. FilmNoir – Track films and TV shows: App Store | Social
  22. Heypster – GIF platform without tracking: App Store | Social
  23. Minghin – 3D memory game: App Store | Social
  24. Ploppy Pairs – Cute pairing game: App Store | Social
  25. Where is Ploppy? – Cute hidden object game: App Store | Social
  26. CrossCraft – Craft crosswords on topics you love: App Store | Social
  27. Orbit Meditation – Immersive meditation: App Store | Social
  28. Email Me – Fastest way to capture notes: App Store | Social
  29. amuz – Swipe through immersive photos: App Store | Social
  30. Focus – Minimalist pomodoro timer: App Store | Social
  31. Sunlight – Daily key observable events: App Store | Social

Check out the first post “26 New Apps for Apple Vision Pro” and check out the Apple Vision Pro tag on my website – I have many more apps to share coming soon!


7 Shortcuts Stephen Robles Uses Every Day »

From Stephen Robles on YouTube:

Supercharge your iPhone with these 7 essential shortcuts, from instant screenshot sharing to smart hotel hacks for travelers. Plus, add convenient features to Apple Podcasts like skip ahead more than 1 minute and skip intros for podcasts.

View the video YouTube.


Easily Design Custom Stream Deck Icons with Button Creator for macOS

If you find yourself creating custom buttons on the Stream Deck from Elgato, you will likely run into an issue – how do I create icons that fit my style?


Elgato helpfully provides a dedicated section for Stream Deck icons in their Marketplace, where you can install icon packs from a variety of creators across various categories – this is a great one-and-done solution to get icons at-scale.

If you’re looking for further customization, however, you might end up in that awkward gap between trying to design your own in tools like Canva or Figma, or feeling like you’d need to request an entire custom set from someone with more creative skills than yourself (this is about me).


Instead, developer Christian Lobach has a solution for Mac users – the Button Creator for Stream Deck app, which lets you use a simple interface to create your own icons.


With Button Creator, you can customize the foreground or background colors, pick a glyph using the SF Symbols library, emoji, or your own images, and even customize a text label so you don’t have to duplicate the title in the Stream Deck app.


Plus, you can save your creations as templates, making it easy to start again with the same style and have a consistent look across your icons.


So far, I’m quite happy with the customization features of Button Creator – there’s lots of control and, in most places, more than enough for what I need. I’d like to see more text styling controls, and I’d potentially also like more Gradient controls, including the option to change the rotation by a specific degree, change from linear to radial or angular, and handles to control the placement. Admittedly, that might be a lot for what’s otherwise a simple app, but it’d add a cool layer of customization – I’ve been trying to make better gradient maps in Pixelmator Pro and want to get really nice-looking icons over time.


Otherwise, Shortcuts support could take this app very far – letting me pass in parameters and output icons would be incredibly powerful, and I could programmatically create icons for my entire library in seconds. Right now I’m able to use Get My Shortcuts to export exact icons, but without any customization – combining that with Button Creator actions could let me automatically apply short titles and avoid manually adding them in the Stream Deck app, for example.


As you can guess from the name, Button Creator for Stream Deck is, well, designed pretty specifically for Stream Deck users – however, these icons can also be repurposed as Home Screen icons using the “Add to Home Screen“feature in Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad – or for any other purpose, for that matter.

Get Button Creator for $4.99 on the Mac App Store and check out the Stream Deck from Elgato.

Note: I am an Elgato Partner – this post uses my partner URLs for Elgato links.

Membership Video

Apple Vision Pro Unboxing: Member Video

Hey members! I have a special new video for you – my unboxing experience with the Apple Vision Pro, available now privately through YouTube.

Coming in at a little under an hour, I tried to capture a simple walkthrough and first-run experience with the device – complete with small observations, initial confusions, and the inevitable screen recording issues.

I’ve included chapter markers so you can jump through and watch the most interesting bits, and will clip out my favorite moments as well – for example, the first good screen recording starts at 35:22 in.

Admittedly, this may not be a thriller to watch from start to finish; but, I am experimenting with deeper access videos like this, as well as testing different filming techniques or editing processes – this is shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio, for example. Plus, since I don’t have to optimize for a massive audience or “the algorithm,” I can be a little more relaxed and natural, like the way I settle into things during livestreams.

I loved this initial test of a members-only video, and I hope you enjoy it too – let me know if you’d like to see other videos like this in the future!

Become a member to get access to access to the video, plus:

  • New shortcuts on an ongoing basis
  • Extra ways to browse the catalog when you’re signed in
  • Prerelease notes & workflows I’m putting together


25 Apple Vision Pro Secrets & Hidden Features from Andru Edwards

Good set of Apple Vision Pro tips from Andru Edwards on YouTube:

Here’s your key to unlocking the full potential of the Apple Vision Pro secret features. Get a look at a bunch of hidden features that Apple has seamlessly integrated into this device. From discovering quirky Easter eggs in various Environments to mastering the use of spatial audio in FaceTime calls, these Apple Vision Pro tips and tricks will change how you use your Apple Vision Pro.

You’ll also learn how to effectively utilize the unique gesture controls, optimize your device for the best viewing experience, and much more. Don’t miss out on the bonus feature at the end, showing you how to get the perfect fit with the solo knit band vs dual loop band.


00:00 – Apple Vision Pro Secret Features

00:18 – Apple Vision Pro Environment Easter Eggs

00:50 – Apple Vision Pro Environments Have Different Sound Profile

01:14 – Change Volume of Environments

01:33 – Apple Vision Pro Apps Will Stay Where You Leave Them

02:25 – Transport Apps

02:46 – Bring Apps With You

03:07 – Touch Vision Pro Apps

03:39 – Apple Vision Pro Pinch and Hold Gesture

04:09 – How to Force Quit Apple Vision Pro Apps

04:30 – Apple Vision Pro Light Seal Cushions

05:11 – Increase Apple Vision Pro FOV

05:47 – How To Enable Apple Vision Pro Guest Mode

06:32 – Mirror Apple Vision Pro Display

06:58 – Fast Charge Apple Vision Pro

07:29 – Free iTunes Library 3D Upgrades

08:19 – Apple Music Mini Player

08:58 – Make A Better Apple Vision Pro Persona

10:28 – Apple Vision Pro Personas Work In Several Apps

10:44 – How to See Your Own Apple Vision Pro EyeSight

11:17 – Separate Volume Settings in Apple Vision Pro

11:36 – Use Mac Keyboard u0026 Trackpad with Apple Vision Pro Apps

12:04 – Solo Knit Band vs Dual Loop Band

I knew you could AirPlay to Mac displays, but I’ve never had an iPad or iPhone open while trying to share my view – perhaps there’s a convoluted solution for live-streaming here where I film my iPad screen showing what I’m doing in visionOS…

View the video YouTube.


Check Out 26 New Apps for Apple Vision Pro From These Developers

On Friday, for Apple Vision Pro release day, I called for developers to share their new apps for the platform – below are those results:

P.S. Make sure to check out the Threads links and follow the developers!

  1. MindNode Next – Spatial brainstorming: App Store | Threads | Web
  2. Odio – Soundscape ornaments: App Store | Threads
  3. LongPlay – Album art wall: App Store | Threads
  4. Spatial Sprinkles – Confetti cannon: App Store | Threads
  5. RuneStone – Text editor: App Store | Threads
  6. Day Ahead – 3D calendar timeline: App Store | Threads
  7. Liftoff – Watch space launches: App Store | Threads
  8. Bills to Budget – Expense and spending tracker: App Store | Threads
  9. Finalist – Daily Planner: App Store | Threads | Web
  10. Magnet Crop – Crop screenshots: App Store | Threads
  11. Flowriter – Writer’s retreat: App Store | Threads
  12. STAK! – Spatial stacking: App Store | Threads
  13. Cricket Scores Live Matches – Game tracker & visualizer: App Store | Threads
  14. Spindown – Life tracker: App Store | Threads
  15. PDF Viewer – Annotation expert: App Store | Threads | Web
  16. Project Graveyard – Final resting place for abandoned projects: App Store | Threads
  17. Kineo – Flipbook Animations: App Store | Threads
  18. TimeCube Spatial Clock – 3D clock: App Store | Threads
  19. Cone of Shame – Restrict your peripheral vision: App Store | Threads
  20. Citations – Lightweight reference creation: App Store | Threads
  21. Chronicling – Life logging/habit tracker: App Store | Threads
  22. Sequel – Media tracker: App Store | Threads
  23. Spatial Effects – FX particle emitter: App Store | Threads
  24. Mango 5Star – View your 5-star reviews: App Store | Threads
  25. Spruce Up – Decorate your shared space: App Store | Threads
  26. Vibescape – Immersive meditation: App Store | Threads

Also, this is by no means a comprehensive list of Apple Vision Pro apps I’m testing – I have many, many more installed currently. Come back to the Apple Vision Pro tag on my site for more coverage soon!

View the original post on Threads.


Announcement: I am an Elgato Partner for 2024!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ve agreed to be an Elgato Partner for 2024, where I’ll be working with the brand throughout the year to share about new gear and how to use it for Mac users in particular.

I’ve long been a fan of Elgato and have been sharing for over 5 years about the Stream Deck and how great it is for Apple users, starting from using it simply as a streaming device, morphing into a daily productivity tool and, then fully evolving into a tool for complete access to all my shortcuts.

Before I ever thought about partnering with Elgato, I’ve thought the Stream Deck was the ultimate macOS accessory – now, I get to work with them directly to help more people reap the benefits (of all their other products too).

Plus, with my partnership, I will soon be able to offer my community 5% off all Elgato products, even beyond the Stream Deck – they make capture cards, lights, webcams, green screens, mounts, teleprompters, and even acoustic panels for audio treatment.

Once the discount is available, I’ll update this post – I’ll also include it when I share product links in the future.

Throughout the year, I’ll be sharing different tips and tricks, unboxing and setting up new gear, and building out different setups for Elgato’s Marketplace, where you can download Profiles for the Stream Deck and install them yourselves – look for #ElgatoPartner on relevant posts.

Plus, I have long been developing Stream Deck profiles for my own shortcuts to share – there’s lots of fun opportunities ahead.

Thanks to Elgato for the opportunity – I hope you all take advantage of the upcoming discount should you choose to get something after seeing my work! And let me know if you have any questions – I’m happy to help guide you to the right solution 🙂


Shortcut Buttons For Apple Vision Pro Puts Floating Automations In The Space Around You

Finn Voorhees, developer at Detail and creator of apps like Unsqueeze and Castaway, has announced an app for Apple Vision Pro called Shortcut Buttons. The app, available now, lets you place a floating tile for a shortcut in your spatial computing environment and run it instantly – how freaking cool is that?!

According to the site, here’s what Shortcut Button is for:

Shortcut Buttons is great for placing relevant automations nearby when working on notes, calendars, tasks, and other productivity apps. You can avoid switching over to the shortcuts app running in iPad compatibility mode and instead just tap a small nearby button, similar to how you might run a shortcut from the Shortcuts widget on iOS/iPadOS.

Shortcut Buttons is also useful for setting up home automation shortcuts in relevant places. Easily dim the lights or order food when watching a movie, or start a timer when cooking in the kitchen.

With Shortcut Buttons, you can place as many shortcuts as you want, which will anchor-in-place in your spatial computing environment, making it easy to launch your shortcut from anywhere, just by looking at it.

Plus, you can style your Shortcut Buttons according to your preferences, making sure they fit into your environment nicely.

Particularly useful will be the clipboard access, which will let you copy something in visionOS and send it to the Shortcut Input of your shortcut – while browsing for recipes in your kitchen, you could easily copy one and send it to your Recipes list with your Shortcut Button floating over the countertop.

The History view is also incredible, because most Shortcuts users run the same shortcuts over time – this will be super handy for your most-used shortcuts on Apple Vision Pro.

Shortcut Button is available for Apple Vision Pro for an up-front price of $7.99 – a small fee that’s certainly worth it for such a perfect spatial computing utility.

Check out the Shortcut Buttons site, get Shortcut Buttons on the App Store, and view the launch post on Mastodon.