Thank You For Coming to My Shortcuts Meetup!

My second-ever Shortcuts meetup was a great success1, with an excellent group of folks chatting at SoFA Market for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon at WWDC.

We talked about Apple Intelligence, the prominence of App Intents and my new consulting gig to help developers implement everything, and, thanks to some special guests, had excellent discussions about the Shortcuts app.

Plus, for fun, I was able to give away 10 Stream Deck Neos and two Prompters, courtesy of Elgato – below are some great photos from (most of) the winners. Unfortunately, I only thought to take a group photo right at the very end when some folks had already left – however, I’ll remember each and every one of you in my heart.

In order to pick winners, I had to do something on-brand – so I ran this shortcut every 10 minutes while we were at the event, letting Siri pick from the list of attendees from the event page to choose a winner.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to make it on such short notice – I’m already working on plans for next year, so be on the lookout a few months before WWDC’25.

P.S. Special thanks to Ben McCarthy and Adam Tow for the help managing the Elgato gear and with nametags.

P.P.S. While not technically representative of the entire group, I am fully aware that the main photo is 100% men, and it is my failing that there was not a wider diversity – I am already making plans to affect this for next year.

  1. We had at least 5x the turnout the original 4-person meetup back in 2019.
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This Tuesday: My Shortcuts User Group Meetup at WWDC »

From yours truly:

Hello developers, creators, and Apple enthusiasts in the Bay Area – let’s gather together for an informal Shortcuts User Group meetup to talk post-WWDC in downtown San Jose on Tuesday, June 11 from 3-5 pm.

Let’s talk Shortcuts, WWDC, and all things Apple – plus, I’ll have gear from my Elgato partnership to give away to attendees – including the Prompter and Stream Deck Neo.

Gear is here, and I’m getting packed – this is going to be fun!

Tickets for the back patio are almost gone – get yours today!

View the original.


Upcoming Speaking Appearance – iOSDevHappyHour: May 2024!

From iOS Dev Happy Hour:

The goal of #iOSDevHappyHour is to allow current and aspiring iOS Developers a place to share experiences, share knowledge, simply hang out, build community, and even enjoy a drink or two online. Join us at this month’s event!

This month’s event includes:

  • Community guest speakers
  • Three breakout rooms (topic-based and random assignments)
  • An Apple gift card giveaway (must be present!)

From their announcement on Mastodon:

Next up in our series of expert speakers: Matthew Cassinelli is going to be giving a talk about App Intents at our May event!

I’ve got 15 minutes on App Intents – hope to see you there!

Sign up for the event.


Elgato Partner update: Use My Discount Code for 5% Off

Hey everyone!

I’m happy to follow up on my Elgato Partner announcement and offer a 5% discount code for my community by using my partner link and entering in code ZZ-CASSINELLI at checkout.

The discount is available on all Elgato products through To see the discount in action, feel free to use my link, add items to your cart, enter the code, and see the update total before checking out.

Note: the discount does not apply to accessories, replacement parts, or things like Stream Deck faceplates, and is also not stackable with other discounts or bundles.

Thanks again to Elgato for the Stream Deck bundle and I look forward to creating more throughout the year!

Check out Elgato products and use my code ZZ-CASSINELLI for 5% off at checkout.


Register Your Interest For Sponsorships

Hello brands, businesses, and developers – I’m excited to announce that my work is now open for sponsorship opportunities, starting with YouTube!

If you’re a brand or business looking to connect with a passionate audience through high-quality media, let’s talk! Whether it’s through product reviews, sponsored content, or more unique collaborations, let’s explore how we can work together.

To register your company’s interest, fill out this form – and if you’re particularly interested in being first in this process, feel free to reach out directly.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to sharing about the fun new projects this will enable.

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