Now Available For App Intents Consulting: Hire Me For Your Apple Intelligence Integration

Looking to add Apple Intelligence to your app? Hire me as your App Intents consultant and together we'll build the best integration possible.

Developers, indies, and organizations – let’s work together to make your App Intents and Apple Intelligence implementation the best!

I’m now available for consultation work on Apple’s App Intents and Shortcuts implementations for app developer of all sizes, whether you’re a team, an indie dev, or part of a larger organization.

With my 10+ years of experience working in Shortcuts (as a former member of the Workflow team), I’ve built out a consulting process to educate, strategize, design, and build on top of a complete App Intents and Shortcuts implementation for your app.

I’ll explain the history of Shortcuts, how we got from Workflow to Apple Intelligence, walk you through the developer sessions, recommend intents specific to your needs, share personalized feedback on your implementations, provide extensive documentation and copywriting, and even create any number of custom workflows on top of what we build together, extending your app to the ecosystem with hand-built third-party integrations.

Plus, we can do everything mentioned above together, or just a few parts – let’s schedule a one-hour meeting and discuss what you need.

Pricing depends varies per engagement, but I’m happy to customize anything depending on your goals and timeline.

Now is the time – let’s build App Intents for the rest of us.

Check out my Consulting page for details.

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