If Apple wants its headset to win, it needs to reinvent the app »

David Pierce of The Verge takes a look at Apple's approach to apps in lieu of a rumored headset – and how the ecosystem needs to change.

David Pierce for The Verge (line breaks added for emphasis):

If you squint a little, you can see the larger vision here. Apple imagines an app ecosystem in which data flows freely between devices: you take a picture here, edit it there, share it over there, save it in that place, all with a few drags and drops.

It wants to make apps work between and across your devices.

You should be able to access your apps and the data inside them from just about anywhere on your device.

In Apple’s wildest dreams, apps aren’t each their own universe; they’re like stars in a solar system, each one part of a larger coherent thing.

Sounds like App Intents to me.

Read the full story on The Verge.

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