Notes on “Design great actions for Shortcuts, Siri, and Suggestions” 🔒

After taking notes on how to design great actions, I wanted to share my mind map ahead of future blog posts on how to build great shortcuts with members.

Hey members,

I wanted to share this mind map of notes I created while watching Apple’s Developer session from WWDC ’21 on how to Design great actions for Shortcuts, Siri, and Suggestions.

The session is focused on how developers can build out a set of actions for their app, but it actually provides a lot of insight into how “Shortcuts authors” (as we are called in the session) can build their shortcuts thoughtfully – here’s the last slide:

I noticed at least 10 individual topics I’d like to cover for members in future posts, but I wanted to share my full mind map ahead of time in case you wanted to watch the session and read along yourself:

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