Learn about App Shortcuts from Apple’s WWDC’22 developer sessions

At Apple’s worldwide developer conference during their State of the Union address1, Apple launched App Shortcuts and the AppIntents API, features designed for “zero setup” of shortcuts from third-party apps for use with Siri.

If you’re a developer looking to implement Shortcuts support in your app, Apple has now released all four sessions at WWDC ’22 covering what’s new in these Shortcuts APIs — here are the links:

  1. Dive into App Intents
  2. Implement App Shortcuts with App Intents
  3. Design App Shortcuts
  4. Meet Focus Filters

I’m documenting all the sessions for members, so sign up for a membership to get access and see my initial thoughts on the release.

If you’re a developer who wants to discuss implementing Shortcuts in your app, contact me.

  1. (Presented by Ari Weinstein right at the 00:39:00 mark) 

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