iOS 16.4 beta: New Shortcuts actions for Stage Manager, Intercom, VPN, Always-On Display coming

Apple has added 11 new Shortcuts actions in the iOS 16.4 developer betas – learn about new capabilities for Stage Manager, the iPhone 14's Always On Display, Intercom on HomePods, and VPN control.

Today, Apple posted the first developer beta for iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.4, and watchOS 9.4 — as is tradition, the Shortcuts community rushed to download the new betas and checked for new actions available in the app.

On Reddit, r/shortcuts moderator u/ibanks3 has posted a full list with links to screenshots of each action – here’s the list so far:

  1. Silence Unknown Callers
  2. Set Stage Manager
  3. Set True Tone
  4. Set Announce Notifications
  5. Shut Down
  6. Lock Screen
  7. Set Always on Display
  8. Intercom
  9. Set VPN
  10. Set Airdrop Receiving
  11. Set Night Shift

I’m excited to test these actions myself and build out a new set based on what’s possible — members can look for those soon (ahead of the public release once iOS 16.4 is out as well).

Plus, now’s the best time to file or update Feedback reports to Apple to increase the likelihood that your existing issues get development time during this current beta cycle – time to get to reporting!

View the post on Reddit.