New in the Shortcuts Library: Mastodon shortcuts

Check out my collection of Mastodon shortcuts for interacting with your favorite instances. Be sure to get my Mastocuts bundle shortcut as well.

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Mastodon shortcuts:


Presents a menu to open every section of Mastodon, plus convert profiles as needed.

Use this shortcut to access every section of Mastodon on your default instance.

Enter your domain, your handle, then choose from any option to pass your link and open to the corresponding page.

If a profile link is passed as input, using the Mastodon handle converter option to reformat it.

Open Mastodon:

Opens the default Mastodon app.

Use this shortcut to open Mastodon and interact with all the options available in the default app (which may have more features than third-party clients).

Open Mastoot:

Opens the Mastoot app for Mastodon.

I use this shortcut to access my current Mastodon app-of-choice, Mastoot — it has a slightly more minimal interface than the default Mastodon client.

Open Mastodon.Social:

Shows your default instance in your web browser.

Use this shortcut to open to your Mastodon timeline.

If run from iOS, it’ll open the feed in a preview window so you can check your feed without opening a new tab; this popover experience isn’t great on Mac, so there it just opens a new tab.

Open Mastodon publisher:

Opens the /publish/ page of Mastodon so you can create a post.

Use this shortcut to send off messages on Mastodon quickly by opening directly to the Publish page.

View my Mastodon profile:

Opens your posts and profile info on Mastodon.

This shortcut is designed to quickly check your recent posts, follower count, or other profile stats quickly.

Plus, it copies the URL to your clipboard so you can easily link someone to your profile online.

Mastodon handle converter:

Converts a Mastodon profile URL into the @handle@instance format.

Use this shortcut to convert the link copied from your profile (i.e. and swap it to handle format for looking up usernames (@[email protected]).

This shortcut accepts links from the Share sheet or if your profile is on-screen on Mac — use this option to convert someone else’s profile (maybe from a shared tweet) and look them up directly on Mastodon.

If no link is passed, the shortcut uses your own Mastodon username, so you can quickly share it with others so they can follow you.

Open Mastodon search:

Opens the Search section on the web.

This shortcut opens Mastodon’s search so you can enter a username, URL, or hashtag to find on the service — there is no Full Text Search on Mastodon.

Note: since the Search area shows at the top by default, the /search/ URL shows the Explore page with no tabs selected.

There is no way on Mastodon to pre-fill a search term and pass it as a URL parameter (like ?hashtag=“”) unfortunately.

Open Mastodon notifications:

Shows your feed of follows, favorites, and boosted posts on Mastodon.

Use this shortcut to check your notifications on Mastodon quickly.

This works well from the Shortcuts widget to check in on recent interactions and exit quickly without getting sucked into your feed.

Open Mastodon DMs:

Opens your Mastodon conversations tab to see your private chats.

Use this shortcut to access your direct messages feed on Mastodon.

To turn a reply into a direct message, change the post visibility from “Everyone” to only you and the person you’re messaging.

Open Mastodon favorites:

Shows posts that you’ve favorited on Mastodon.

Use this shortcut to see the equivalent of your Twitter Likes on Mastodon.

This shortcut also spells favorites the American way.

Open Mastodon bookmarks:

Shows your bookmarked posts on Mastodon.

Use this shortcut to see your feed of bookmarked posts on Mastodon and interact with the things you’ve saved for later.

This shortcut opens the page in a new tab so you can open links from your bookmarks in multiple tabs and start a browsing session.

Open Mastodon lists:

Opens the deep link to your Lists on Mastodon.

Use this shortcut to set up and manage your Lists on Mastodon over time.

While this experience admittedly needs work—there’s no way to quickly add people to lists from the timeline view—this shortcut makes it easier to access the correct area and start updating a list.

I hope to develop this process much further in the future using the API…

Open Mastodon explore:

Prompts you to open from the Posts, Tags, News, or For You section of Explore.

Use this shortcut to see what’s happening on Mastodon, whether it’s trending posts, relevant hashtags, important news stories, or suggestions curated for you.

This shortcut presents a menu picking between the various sections of the Explore page and opens the URL to the corresponding option.

Open Mastodon pinned posts:

Shows only posts you’ve pinned to your profile.

Use this shortcut to add/remove any posts you want to have pinned to your profile.

It’s common on Mastodon to create an #introduction post explaining who you are and what you’re posting about, then pin it to your profile so people can understand what your feed will be like to follow.

Open Mastodon content filters:

Prompts you to pick from the Blocks, Mutes, Domain Blocks, or Muted Words pages in Mastodon’s settings.

Use this shortcut tor review all the terms or websites you’ve filtered out from your experience on Mastodon.

This may be useful if you’re seeing vague conversation about a topic but may have muted the primary keywords and want to unmute to see what’s happening.

Open from Mastodon options:

Presents a menu of every page in Mastodon’s settings to open to.

Use this shortcut to quickly access and change any settigns on Mastodon.

I recommend opening each page and seeing what options are available if you’re new to the network.

Open Mastodon development:

Opens the Developement section of Mastodon settings to your Applications.

Use this shortcut to access and work on the specific custom applications you’re building for Mastodon.

I haven’t built one yet, but I’m assuming this is where the authnetication tokens will be stored for a specific tool you set up to work on via Shortcuts.

Open Mastodon API docs:

Opens the API documentation for Mastodon’s API.

Use this shortcut to learn about and reference important sections of the Mastodon API for building your own tools on top of the service.

This shortcut opens the documentation in a new tab so that you can go back and reference the page repeatedly during a working session.

Sign out of Mastodon:

Opens the Sign Out URL for Mastodon.

Use this shortcut as part of a flow to sign in/out of multiple Mastodon accounts on the web — this could be useful if you’re a social media manager.

Move to Mastodon:

Opens so you can find your Twitter following on Mastodon.

Use this shortcut to authenticate your Twitter account and Mastodon profile together so you can find anyone in your Twitter feed who has posted their Mastodon account and quickly follow them.

I recommend using Movetodon multiple times as more and more people sign/move away over time.

Check out the folder of Mastodon shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

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