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Mona, a highly-customizable Mastodon client, has added extensive Shortcuts support, including the ability to schedule posts – check out the story from Jonathan Reed on MacStories.

From Jonathan Reed on MacStories:

There are quite a few new Shortcuts actions, so I’m going to list them all first before going into detail on several of them and how they could be used within the app:

  • Create scheduled posts
  • Get, reschedule, or delete scheduled posts
  • Send posts with media or poll attachments
  • Send replies to a specified post
  • Get the character limit of certain accounts
  • Split text for threading
  • Get, add, modify, or delete server-side filters linked to your Mastodon accounts
  • Get the post or profile currently displayed in the Mona app
  • Open the in-app post composer or search view
  • Adjust settings for video autoplay
  • Get and set image caption (e.g., combining with a third-party caption-generating action)
  • Get accessibility text of accounts or posts
  • Take a screenshot of a Mastodon post

Great set of options for Shortcuts users – I’ll definitely be testing Mona for scheduling posts.

Read the full article.

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