Updated in the Shortcuts Library: Apple Developer shortcuts

Updated in the Shortcuts Library: my Apple Developer shortcuts used for diving into sessions (and takings screenshots).

I’ve just updated a folder in the Shortcuts Library — my set of Apple Developer shortcuts:

  • Watch Developer sessions: When run from Mac, opens the Apple Developer app and presses Command + 2 to switch to your Bookmarks. When run from iPhone or iPad, opens the Developer app on the Apple TV.
  • Browse Apple Developer topics: Presents a list of categories from Apple’s developer pages, then reformats the option of your choosing into the URL for that category and opens it.
  • Prep for session screenshots: Resizes the Apple Developer window to the second screen at my preferred size for taking screenshots, then opens Craft and centers it on the main display.
  • Search Apple Developer sessions: Asks you to enter a search query, then URL encodes the result, and opens the results on the web.

Check out the folder of Apple Developer shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.

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