New in the Shortcuts Library: Keynote shortcuts

If you're a fan of Apple's presentation tool, these shortcuts are for you – create from themes, open presentations in Rehearse and Show Mode, and create presentations from your own custom theme.

I’ve just added a new folder to the Shortcuts Library — my set of Keynote shortcuts:

  • Open Keynote: Opens the Keynote desktop app on Mac and the mobile app from iPhone/iPad.
  • Open my presentation: Opens a pre-selected Keynote presentation. I use this with any current presentation that I may be working on.
  • Open password-protected presentation: Asks you to enter the password for a locked presentation, then passes it to the file as it opens it in Keynote.
  • Open from Keynote docs: Gets the contents of the Keynote folder in iCloud, asks you to pick from a presentation, and opens it in Keynote.
  • Start presentation: Asks you to pick from your Keynote folder in iCloud Drive and opens the presentation in Show Mode.
  • Rehearse presentation: Presents your presentations in Keynote, asks you to pick one, and opens it in Rehearsal Mode.
  • Create custom presentation: Creates a presentation from your “My Themes” section, which appears when you use Edit > Save Theme in Keynote.
  • Create Basic presentation: Presents a menu of Basic themes from Keynote to create – choose from Basic White, Basic Black, Classic White, White, and Black.
  • Create Dynamic presentation: Pick from Apple’s cool movement-based Dynamic presentations in Keynote – including Light, Dark, and Rainbow options.
  • Create Minimal presentation: Asks you to choose between Miniminal themes in Keynote – pick from Basic Color, Color Gradient Light, Color Gradient, Gradient, Showroom, Modern Portfolio, Slate, and Photo Essay.
  • Create Bold presentation: Presents a list of Bold presentation themes available in Keynote – choose from Bold Color, Showcase, Briefing, Academy, Modern Type, and Exhibit
  • Create Editorial themes: Presents a menu of Editorial themes in Keynote – pick from Feature Story, Look Book, Classic, Editorial, and Cream Paper.
  • Create Portfolio presentation: Presents a menu of Portfolio-style presentations to create in Keynote – choose from Industrial, Blueprint, Graph Paper, Chalkboard, Photo Portfolio, and Leather Book.
  • Create Craft presentation: Pick from Craft presentation themes in Keynote – options are Artisan, Improv, Drafting, Kyoto, Brushed Canvas, or Craft styles.
  • Create Textured presentation: Asks you to pick from various Keynote themes in the Textured category – choose between Parchment, Renaissance, Moroccan, Hard Cover, Linen Book, Vintage, Typeset, Harmony, and Formal.

Check out the folder of Keynote shortcuts on the Shortcuts Library.


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