Encode audio recording as text

Gets a folder of audio files, lets you choose one, and encodes the result to base64 (to be placed into another shortcut and decoded to play the sound).

Actions Used

Save File
Save files to iCloud Drive. Turn off “Ask Where to Save” in order to specify a destination path in the Shortcuts folder.
Base64 Encode
Encodes or decodes text or files using Base64 encoding.
Choose from List
Presents a menu of the items passed as input to the action and outputs the user’s selection. Prompt The instruction provided when the list is presented. Select Multiple When enabled, multiple items may be chosen from the list.
Get Contents of Folder
This action gets the files inside of the specified folder. Recursive If this option is enabled, this action will get all the files inside of a folder, including its subfolders.

Extra Details

Run Shortcut deep link
Open Shortcut deep link
AppleScript code
tell application “Shortcuts Events” run shortcut “Encode audio recording as text” end tell

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Encode audio

Records audio until you tap it to stop, then encodes it into a text-based format, then copies it to your clipboard (to be decoded and played back later).

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