Switch to iPhone 15? You’ll need this cable for CarPlay »

Upgrading to iPhone 15 Pro means needing a new CarPlay cable – this 9to5Mac link reminded me to share the 1-ft USB-C cord I'm using.

From Zac Hall on 9to5Mac:

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t make a first-party USB-A to USB-C cable for this situation. Instead, the company sells a $29 USB-C to Lightning adapter as its official solution.

My advice? Don’t spend $30 on a dongle when you can just replace the cable. Even though Apple doesn’t sell one, USB-A to USB-C cables are easy to find.

Zach’s recommendations are great for more reliable brands, but I was looking for a super-short cable and landed on these “OneKer” cables that are only 1 foot long (and only just now noticed the pun in their name 🤣).

View the story on 9to5Mac.

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