What’s New in Shortcuts – Issue 105

WWDC is in two weeks, iOS 17.5 and new iPad Pros are out, and it's teaser season for Siri in iOS 18. Plus, a buncha shortcuts, of course.

From Issue 105 of my Shortcuts newsletter:

WWDC is just two weeks away and iOS 17.5 has been out along with new iPad Pros for a bit now, bringing new Shortcuts actions for Puzzles in Apple News, a Squeeze gesture for Apple Pencil Pro that can run a shortcut, and Vocal Shortcuts coming as an accessibility feature next year.

On my front, I’ve been guesting on MacRumors and Automators to wrap up the end of the year, gave a big presentation to the iOS Developer Happy Hour group about App Shortcuts for developers, and set up a variety of folders in the Shortcuts Catalog.

I also don’t normally like to tease stuff, but I’ve been reaching Peak Home Screen and Peak Stream Deck, with lots more in store for the summer – I have Elgato gear to give away at WWDC too 😈.

Read the full issue on MailerLite.

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