Apple Debuts Contingent Pricing for App Store with Structured and One Sec

Apple has released the first version of Contingent Pricing on the App Store using a pair of like-minded apps: Structured and One Sec.

Today on X, the team from Structured announced that Apple had allowed them to partner with the team from One Sec on the new contingent pricing in the App Store, a feature announced in December that allows subscribers from one app to unlock discounts in another:

Apple chose us together with @onesecapp to be one of the first to offer the new contingent pricing 🏷️. As a subscriber to Structured or @onesecapp , you unlock a special 30% discount for the other app. Check your AppStore!

In a follow-up post, they clarified the qualifications:

The offer applies only to the yearly plan and while you are an active subscriber.

This partnership makes a lot of sense – Structured is a daily planner designed to help you focus on what’s important in your day, and One Sec is designed to help you take breaks when you open apps like social media apps from muscle memory; both are made by indie developers who want to help you be mindful about your time.

The apps actually already have a native integration making it easy to set up One Sec automations from within Structured – now the partnership extends financially both to the customer’s benefit, as well both the developers.

See the post from @Structuredapp, and check out Structured and One Sec in the App Store.

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