Elevation Lab Introduces TagVault: Pin Mount for Attaching AirTags to Your Kids’ Shirt

ElevationLab, a Portland brand, have launched the newest additon to their TagVault line of AirTag mounts: the Pin, designed for attaching to shirts or bags.

The folks at ElevationLab have launched an interesting new product for AirTags called the TagVault: Pin designed to pin to a backpack or a shirt, specifically marketed as “the best AirTag mount for kids.”

The TagVault: Pin works with two safety pins and a brightly-colored (or black) faceplate that sits low-profile on your shirt and won’t dangle around – making it perfect for your kids’ shirt as they run around and play. In addition, the safety pins make it easy to attach and remove as needed – I might just have to get one for my nephew.

They come in a single pack at $12.95, a 2-pack for $19.95, or 4-pack for $29.95, plus there’s a launch sale of up to 52% savings on the 4-pack.

This products joins their TagVault Keychain, Pet, Wallet, Bike, Surface, Strap, Ghost, Mountain Bike, Magnetic, and Fabric lines that provide all types of secure and waterproof mounts for AirTags – they’ve definitely got the AirTag mount market cornered.

Plus, they’re from Portland too 🙂

Get the TagVault: Pin from ElevationLabs or on Amazon.

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