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MacStories covered Detail Duo and Detail for Mac – a set of creative video apps for storytelling (complete with Shortcuts support, of course).

John Voorhees for MacStories (line breaks added for emphasis):

The sources above are the component parts of what Detail calls Scenes, which can use one or more sources to create a single-view Scene or a Combo Scene that comes in five different layouts.

That allows you to mix and match camera sources with screen-sharing sources and even other scenes into one composite video.

The result is a flexible system that can be easily adapted for video interviews, tutorials and help documentation, video conferencing apps like Zoom, and more.

Moreover, you can set up multiple scenes in advance and switch among them using keyboard shortcuts or Apple’s Shortcuts app.

I’ve had my eye on Detail for Mac for some time, and their latest Detail Duo for iPhone/iPad is intriguing too. Over on Mastodon, John and I had this back-and-forth about the update:


I’ve been meaning to use this, looks pretty solid. I tend to record live or fully produced, haven’t found the right project to take advantage of this mix though.


FWIW, it works with OBS and other streaming solutions, plus you can export to FCP XML for further production work


Iiinteresting. I do appreciate Ecamm’s controls though, that’s why I’ve ultimately stuck with it – that plus the Interview mode for guests.

Will definitely have to try that though, if I can make the most of all of them like why not

View the full piece on MacStories and check out Detail.

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