Elite Hoops Coach Whiteboard Adds Widgets and Shortcuts For Basketball Teams of Any Size

Jordan Morgan has updated his whiteboard coaching app Elite Hoops with a focus on iOS features like widgets and Shortcuts support.

From Jordan Morgan on mastodon.social:

My update for Elite Hoops with an emphasis on iOS features is out now! I’d love it if you checked it out, even if you aren’t a coach or the target market.

The widgets, especially, turned out fun. And you may dig some of the animations and stuff from the “What’s New” screens.

Elite Hoops is such a cool app, I wish I could use it coach a rag-tag team of up-and-coming basketball players at my local community center to victory at the Big Game – but for real, check it out.

Get Elite Hoops on the App Store, read the blog post, and view the original post.


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